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Css Exclusions

Source: CSS exclusions with Queen Bey - Chen Huijing Let’s introduce: Exclusions. This is a new feature coming up to the CSS of the future. And I say that because …

Scroll Snap Property

Introduction Popular products that require a a well-controlled scroll system make use of Javascript to divide the sections of the scrollable content in order to display it …

Firefox 63 New Features

So, here is a new version of one of the most beloved browser in the scene right now. Since the release of Firefox Quantum, Firefox has seen some growth in their user base, and …

Vue Next Version 3

Vue’s next version (3.0) changes and features As the time goes on, all major browsers have adopted ES2015 and a lot features that Vue tries to solve are already solved …

Kubernetes Introduction

What is Kubernetes? A system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of …

Color contrast aware using Machine Learning

In the past year or so people in tech have experienced an increment in the appearance rate of the following concepts: machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, …

How to autoplay videos on Firefox

It’s been a couple of weeks since I switched to Firefox because I want to support The Open Internet and Mozilla says it’s an ethical browser. Even though, being …

How to mass unfollow on Twitter

Hello people, I am realising that the most effortless way for me to think on blog topics is to talk about relatively recent problems that I’ve had to solve. So …

Sending emails through SMTP with PHP

Hi, this is my first blog post, and I am going to describe the process (that I recently had to take) to send emails with PHP and using a SMTP server. First of all what we need …

About Me

Hi, my name is Luis Adame Rodríguez I'm 21 and I work as a full stack web developer. You can check my resume. Although I'm currently working at Z1 Digital Studio offers are always welcome, they are an amazing team by the way!
I love technology (as you'd have guessed) and I think it's super powerful to make boring and repeatitive things easier. It has a lot of posibilities practically on any area you can imagine. But what I find the most fascinating thing about technology and programming is the capabilities it offers to build awesome things.
Furthermore I've been tought to take care of the environment and I love such idea because by default (in a "developed" society) the human been is destructive and not environmentally-friendly. Although I strongly believe that with a little bit of effort of each of us we can achieve great things about mother Earth. So I'd love to combine technology with the love for nature.
Do you need a website, a web application, convert designs to fully functional sites? If you need anything related with those areas, lets talk! Contact me and share your ideas. If you want to see some examples of what I've made you have some at the top of this page, I built and designed everything you see on those projects, that means anything related with backend and frontend.